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Athena Multiskills educational consultancy is based in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. We provide customized coaching for a very large number of career defining examinations. Visit our facebook page “Athena Multiskills Coaching Classes”.

With the uncertainties in the job market, lack of adequate employment opportunities in the private sector and the slowdown in the IT sector, a very large number of talented students are aspiring to join government sector at all levels. The examination held annually by the Staff Selection Commission for filling up nearly ten thousand vacancies, primarily in the Group ‘C’ grades, now draws between 15 lakh to 20 lakh aspirants each year. Very obviously, at this level of competition, routine coaching in large batches is no longer sufficient and a high degree of personal mentoring is needed.

It is this personalized mentoring which makes us so very different from others.

We have nearly four decades of experience at the higher levels of the civil service. We know what kind of abilities and competencies the Staff Selection Commission is looking for on behalf of the central government. That is why we provide insights and perspectives which no one else can provide – for the simple reason that none of them have ever been in those high government positions where we have been, and therefore, have seen for ourselves at close quarters how governments think and work.

A large number of aspirants remain under the mistaken impression that they need focus only on Logical reasoning, D.I., Q.A. etc to be able to compete in such examinations. They think that they can manage ‘General Awareness’ segment through WhatsApp based notifications. This is why they invariably fail.

Welcome to our SSC CGL one year program. It belongs to a different plane.

Your career is important. Seize your chance and come to us – any day, any time.